Monday, September 1, 2014

Beat The Heat Blog Hop

Do you need something to keep you cool while resting at the beach?

Or have you found a nice shade tree and now can't stop reading?

GOOD! That's exactly the problems I had this summer.

It is hard being an assistant to Ashley and Stacy but it is rewarding too. Lots of great stories going back and forth and of course the exciting adventures of new releases coming out every few months.

It is hard to get all of your to-do lists done over just a few months. Summer was much easier when we were kids. The weeks were endless and the days lasted forever. But as an adult the time is finite and we know this isn't going to last forever. Sometimes 'beating the heat' is as simple as doing our daily tasks or taking a weekend off to relax with family.

Family - man they can make you 'hot' too!

I wanted to give all of our readers something special ending this summer vacation so I am going to sneak everyone who posts on this blog and joins my site one of the TEMPTATION TUESDAY stories.

Because even though its hot outside that doesn't mean it can't be hot inside! HeHe. It's good to be naughty every now and then.

Don't forget -- The Art of Safkhet, Uncovering Myths, Creating Legends

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